ANN: Gopher King Email Client for Pocket PC and Palm 1.0 Released

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November 16, 2005. Gopher King, Inc. today released a new Gopher King
Email client program.

You may download it from,

The program is designed to work with the following platforms:

- Windows Mobile 2003/SE and Windows Mobile 2005

- Palm OS 5.0 and above (including Treo 600/650) devices

- For Email Sync between Outlook/Outlook Express and your PDA, you need
a PC with at least Windows 98SE and above with Outlook/Outlook Express

The program is designed to work with the following Email protocols and

- POP3


- Hotmail/MSN


- Yahoo

You can get all your Emails from multiple Email accounts in a single

It is designed to be a replacement for Pocket Inbox on Pocket PCs and
an improvement over VersaMail on Palms. The program can perform
periodic automatic download of Emails.

Gopher King Email Client Feature Summary

- Separate Email Program - Gopher King service is not needed to use the

- Designed for both Pocket PC and Palm OS platforms - Designed for
Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE and 2005; compatible with Palm OS 5.0 and
above, including Treo 600 and 650.

- Get All Emails on your PDA - for all your email from all your
accounts (including office, home and mobile device) as well as
corporate Email systems.

- Handles Yahoo, MSN, Hotmail and AOL - Gopher King is the only one to
handle these special type of Email accounts, even the free web-based
Yahoo Email.

- Supports POP/IMAP/SSL-POP/SSL-IMAP/SMTP/SSL-SMTP standard protocols -
the user can customize the port used by the remote Email system.

- Choose where your Emails will be stored - you can choose to store
your received and sent Emails in the PDA's main memory, or any external
storage (e.g., CF, SD cards)

- Synchronize with Outlook or Outlook Express on your PC - you can
perform bi-directional synchronization of Emails. Gopher King is the
only client that supports synchronization with Outlook Express

- Write offline and send all at once - you can receive or synchronize
Emails before you go on a trip, reply to them, or write new Emails
offline. Then send them out all at once when you are connected

- Automatic send/receive even when the PDA is turned off - you can tell
the program to automatically send/receive Emails at your defined
intervals even when the device is in sleep mode or has been turned off

- Send attachment support - you can attach files to any outgoing Email
on all supported platforms

- Receive attachment support - the program can open your received
attachments with the appropriate program directly or save them to your

- Choose your address - reply or send using your primary address - or
any address you have

- Multiple signatures support - you can pre-define multiple signatures
and select one for any outgoing Email

- Integration with built-in address book - you can look up and add new
entries to the built-in address book on your PDA directly within the

- Outgoing SMTP Relay service provided (extra monthly charge) - you can
send outgoing Emails through our SMTP Relay server (service paid
separately as a subscription), if your ISP does not allow SMTP relay
(e.g., SpintPCS, T-Mobile, etc.).

- Standard desktop Email features included - make as read/unread,
reply, reply to all, forward, sort; customizable columns in the Email
listing; collapsible fields to save screen space, etc.

Download for free at,

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