[Ann] CopyMachine V2.0.2 available

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Here's the situation I was in a while ago:
Had a 512MB SD card in my T2 for MP3 files. 512MB is small enough to feel
that you're constantly listening to the same songs over and over again.
However, if I hand-pick the songs from my MP3 collection on the PC, of
course, it's always the same few songs that end up on the SD card.

So, I sat down and wrote a tiny but niffty tool: the CopyMachine.

CopyMachine randomly copies media files (you select what formats) from a
source directory (my MP3 collection) to a destination directoy (the
"mounted" SD card). You can choose whether the destination directory should
be cleared (i.e. emptied) first. You can as well define that CopyMachine
should keep n bytes of free space on the target drive. Furthermore,
CopyMachine can rename files on-the-fly while they are being copied to the
target drive. .

Does CopyMachine require a special installation process?
No, CopyMachine can directly be started without prior installation.

Does CopyMachine run on any system?
It runs on all systems with Sun Java Runtime 1.2 or higher.

Where can I get CopyMachine for free?
www.frightanic.com -> projects

Marcel Str

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