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Hello all,

I have a Mac (iCal) at home, and a PC (Outlook using Exchange) at work.
 Are there any solutions for me to keep the two in sync using a
handheld?  I know I could possibly hotsync between the two, but I've
read that it's not recommended to sync two different computers.

Beyond that, is there any way to synchronize my Outlook/Exchange
calendar with only a SINGLE category on the Palm?  That is, I'll have a
work category and a home category.  On the computer at home I'd like to
sync both categories-as-calendars with iCal, but on the computer at
work I ONLY want to sync the Work category and tasks.

Is there or should there be another option besides using the Palm here?
 Something like .Mac?  I'd still like to use the handheld if for
nothing else than to take meeting notes.  I'm not opposed to getting
another type of handheld for this, either.  Maybe some variant of the
Origami that's recently been announced.

Just looking for options... I just need to get all these different
methods of organizing myself on the same page.


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