A handheld that accepts a PCMCIA card?

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I use a wireless service that requires it's proprietary PCMCIA card.
I'm already paying for their wireless service and I want to be able to
check email and have Outlook in a handheld. The handheld would need to
have an OS that accepts Windows XP software. Any suggestions?

Re: A handheld that accepts a PCMCIA card?

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There are no pocket pc's with windows xp. xp is not available for pp.

There are compact flash and sd-cards with inbuild wifi.
sandisk has a sd wificard with 256 mb ram.

Just use the right software to spoof the mac nr off your pcmcia card,
and connect with pocketpc to you wireless provider.

do a google for spoofing....



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Re: A handheld that accepts a PCMCIA card?

On 5 Nov 2004 13:59:30 -0800, marjorie@twohundred.com (Marjorie)

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If you need to be sure a computer will run Windows XP software, then
you need a computer running Windows XP. Windows 2000 will support
many/most, but not _all_ Windows XP software. Windows CE/Pocket PC
will support _none_. I'm pretty sure at least one facility exists to
let Linux run Windows programs (WINE?), and assume it will be pretty

With that in mind, check out:
I've seen at least one competitor, but don't remember details.

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