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Can I ask you specialists for some advice about my home PC.

I run XP Pro with all Microsoft patches except for SP2.  I have got
only one PC attached to NTL broadband direct via a cable modem.  My
PC is regularly scanned for viruses and for adware.

After booting up, my Sygate personal Firewall has recently been
asking me if I wish to allow these following programs to access


also my antivirus program:
    C:\Program Files\AntiVir PE\AVWIN.EXE

When I look up these program names on Google it seems that they are
probably not viruses.

But why do they want to access  And should I let them?

I have had some funny behaviour recently on my machine.  When I ask
the PC to power down from the only open account, the PC says someone
else is logged on.  But the other two accounts on the system are
logged off.

Could I have configured a network by mistake and the other account is
actually a network connection?  How could I check if this is

Could this be linked with me plugging in my Canon Powershot/Ixus
digital camera recently to my USB port?  The camera appeared as if it
was an extra drive.

Thank you for any help.



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