WTF?!?!?! "nessusd returned an empty report"

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i'm running nessusd on debian.. worked (briefly) at first... now every
time i try to run this POS software, i get the error:
"nessusd returned an empty report"
any ideas???
after all the hype... is nessus just a peice of overrated garbage?  i
used nessus years ago and it worked much better than it seems to be
working these days... ive googled this error and found ALOT of people
who have the same problem and NO RESOLUTION.... you get what you pay
for i guess.  

Re: WTF?!?!?! "nessusd returned an empty report" writes:

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Boy I hope not. I'd be out of a job if it were.

Not sure what you're doing wrong, but if you've resorted to blaming
nessus, I'll suggest that you are expending effort in the wrong

Todd H. /

Re: WTF?!?!?! "nessusd returned an empty report"

thanks for the extremely helpful reply.  blaming nessus has to do with
a new philosophy i have just begun to develop after a decade in the IT
industry... it goes something like this:

"i want my stuff to work.  just work.  i don't have lots of spare time
to fritter away running around the internet googling error messages and
checking sysadmin boards for obscure workarounds"

so... thanks for the insightful reply.  it proved to be about as useful
to me as a broken nessus daemon, jacky.

Re: WTF?!?!?! "nessusd returned an empty report" writes:
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Wail and gnash your teeth if it makes you feel better.

The data point in my post is that I and my teammates of other security
professionals use nessus daily for our work, and it's an extremely
powerful useful tool.

If it doesn't meet your ease of use and configuration needs, go
somewhere else.  But what I'm tellin ya is that you'd be foolish to
write off the tool because you've encountered problems in setting it

In short, quit whining and solve the nessusd problem, cus it's worth
the effort.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

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