Windows XP Home Edition Administrator Access

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Dear Group,

I purchased a new PC for my kids with Windows XP Home edition.

I set myself up as an administrator and the rest of the family (three users)
as normal users.

I have installed SIMs 2 but this only runs for the kids when I change their
access rights to administrator. I am not happy with this because I have seen
the consequences of giving access rights to people who do not know how to
use them.

Two questions:

1. Is there any way to make SIMs 2 work for normal users or is the
Administrator access a requirement?

2. If this is a requirement, is this the case for a lot of games software or
is SIMs 2 the exception.

Thanks a lot.


Re: Windows XP Home Edition Administrator Access

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Sure, you have to figure out what resources that are locked down by
default (either in the file system, or registry system), figure out
what its trying to write to (or access), and open up that resource up
to normal users on your machine so that the program can run with the
security settings for that resource object.

Yes, this is a major pain, and probably takes some sniffing and
tracking of file-system objects and/or registry objects. Tools like
this are available from some vendors, one of which is

Probably a good starting point without compromising too much is to
just let the program have write privs for all to its install directory.

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No, sadly, this happens all across the board for most Windows based
programs.  Quicken products are major offenders that I usually have to
deal with, as well as a whole slew of other companies and programs. It
seems developers aren't forced to test their products in a restricted
'users' environment, and they program like they have full access to the
machine at all times.

Re: Windows XP Home Edition Administrator Access

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Thanks Doug, some useful info there.

I tried to persuade the kids to use the Play Station for games and the
computer for more useful tasks but they failed to appreciate the virtues of
this approach.

I'll have a go at letting the program have write privs for the install
directory and see what that does.

Thanks again.


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