Window Washer: False Sense of Security

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Below is a recent letter sent to the guys at Web Root,
no response from them as of yet:


I'm currently writing a tech paper on the recovery of information from
used hard drives.

And after doing some experimenting with different types of
security/privacy software I found that your product, Window Washer
5.5, is providing its customers with a false sense of security.

The problem I found with your software was with one of the features of
Window Washer 5.5, under the Options/Security settings. The 'Add
Bleach to Wash' does not work.

After experimenting with this feature and using common, freeware
recovery programs I was able to easily recover %100 of the information
that was suppose to be "bleach"ed by your product. Didn't matter
the pass setting, I was still able to easily recover the targeted
bleached data. Though a user defined setting seemed to work a little
better, just the FAT entries were scrambled and not the actual data
information! I could easily give new names to the scrambled FAT
entries, and recover the "bleached" data, even after a user defined
bleach setting of 50.

I thought I would write Web Root and see what you guys had to say
before publishing my findings.

In your help file for Window Washer, you guys state:

"You can make your wash more secure by adding "bleach." The bleach
overwrites each file that Window Washer deletes with random
characters. You cannot recover bleached files using an undelete or
unerase program."

This is simply untrue and I hope perhaps an explanation from your
company could show my findings in a different light. I would be more
than happy to send you my method of testing your product, including
the name of the recovery tool(s) that were used.

Thank you for your time.

Re: Window Washer: False Sense of Security

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So much for that.

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