Win2k Strange Lockouts

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This problem is bizarre. First off, my pc has not been hijacked by either
hackers or spyware/malware so that has been ruled out as the issue.

The issue is, I am locked out of the MyDocs directory and each drive on the
pc despite those drives having been shared and despite being logged in as
the admin.

I cannot view the contents of the drive however I can right click and go
into the properties of each drive including MyDocs and check to see that
these drives are indeed shared and shared to admin. The only thing different
that I see is the icon for MyDocs has changed and the icon for the C drive
has changed. Before the issue occured, it was not the icon of a hand holding
the folder.

Nothing has been changed to my knowledge. The only thing I had done prior to
the issue was having gone into Computer Management>Services &
Apps>Indexing>Directories and LOOKED repeat LOOKED BUT DID NOT MODIFY the
directories. All the drives are included in the catalog, which I am assuming
is Active Directory.

What am I missing if all the drives I'm locked out of are shared?

Addtl Info

Strangely, if I attempt access to MyDocs via the desktop it is denied. If I
attempt access to the partitions via MyComputer on the desktop it is denied.


If I click on the Win Explorer icon that was in the taskbar before the
lockout issue, then the lockout error will be generated but Win Explorer
opens and I have access to both MyDocs and the partitions.

I remember reading about this somewhere and can't remember how to fix it. It
seems like a policy issue but where do I go to resolve it? I wouldn't know
where to look in admin tools to fix it.

It's basically the desktop that is locked down and I need to get around
that.  Can anyone can point me in the easy direction where to fix that in
the system it would be appreciated.


OK, I lied.  I can get into Windows Explorer and SEE the folders in MyDocs
but I cannot access the contents.  Same goes for the HD partitions.  I can
SEE them in Win Expl I just don't have access.

Surely someone has to know an easy fix for this issue.  All folders are
shared and the admin group, of which my profile is a member of, has access
to everything in question.  But I continue to remain locked out of MyDocs
and the HD partitions.  There must be some easy How To in gpedit.msc that
I'm missing.



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also be
it does

Damn that was a biatch!  I went into gpedit.msc into Win Explorer where you
suggested and somehow the prevent access to drive from my computer was
enabled.  Dunno how that happened.  Thanks for the tip!

Re: Addendum says...
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This has all the signs of you messing with the permissions at the root
folder on the drive. Why don't you click on C:\, right click, select
Properties, select "Security" tab, and tell us what you see for Users
and Permissions. Do the same for one of the folders that you want into

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Re: Addendum says...
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I just read the reply about the GP being set to block access to the
drive, interesting how those things happen :)

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