will these instructions damage my home computer???

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Hello, i have just been given the following instructions to help
iradicate spyware...but i am unsure if these instructions are genuine
or not. I have of course heard of the program ad-aware but am still
pretty suss. I am worried they are could be malicious and will damage
my pc. If there is anyone on this group who knows a little about
spyware i would realy apreciate advice on this before i follow the

PS  These instructions have come from the *HIJACKTHIS* software forum
after i downloaded and ran their program.....Please see below and
advise:.....Many thanks in advance.......A

Please do this first:

Download and run CWShredder. Use the FIX-button.

Download the latest version of Ad-Aware:
http://www.lavasoft.de/support/download /

After installing AAW, and before running the program.
Please be sure to update the reference file following the instructions
http://www.lavahelp.net/howto/updref /

Reconfigure Ad-Aware for Full Scan:

Launch the program, and click on the Gear at the top of the start

Click the "Scanning" button.
Under Drives, Folders and Files, select "Scan within Archives".
Click "Click here to select Drives + folders" and select your
installed hard drives.

Under Memory & Registry, select all options.
Click the "Advanced" button.
Under "Log-file detail level", select all options.
Click the "Tweaks" button.

Under "Scanning Engine", select the following:
"Unload recognized processes during scanning."
Under "Cleaning Engine", select the following:
"Let Windows remove files in use after reboot."
Click on 'Proceed' to save these Preferences.

Run the Ad-Aware scan and allow it to remove everything it finds and
then REBOOT to allow it to finish.
If you haven't done so Please Scan with Spybot Search and Destroy:

1. Downloaded and Install Spybot S&D, accepting the Default Settings

2. In the Menu Bar at the top of the Spybot window you will see
'Mode'. Make certain that 'default mode' has a check mark beside it.

3. Close ALL windows except Spybot S&D

4. Click the button to ‘Search for Updates' and download and install
the Updates.

5. Next click the button ‘Check for Problems'

6. When Spybot is complete, it will be showing ‘RED' (RED) entries
‘BLACK' entries and ‘GREEN' (GREEN) entries in the window

7. Make certain there is a check mark beside all of the RED (RED)
entries ONLY.

8. Choose ‘Fix Selected Problems' and allow Spybot to fix the RED
(RED) entries.

9. REBOOT to complete the scan.
Reboot, make a new HijackThis log and post it here.

Re: will these instructions damage my home computer???

alpha wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

These instructions look OK, and you can proceed without any anxiety. But
just to be quite sure, can you please let us know the address of the
forum where you obtained these instructions?

Re: will these instructions damage my home computer???

alpha wrote:
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Those instructions look genuine to me. The URL for lavasoft looks OK
at first glance. No URL was given for spybot. To be more sure, you
can google for both "ad aware" and "spybot" and these utilities
are the first hit in both cases.

I have used both, and have not noticed any suspicious activity from
either. They are both well known and talked about in the newsgroups,
so they seem to have a good reputation. That's about all you can
rely on, really. Again, google will turn up lots of reviews on both.
If they were not trustworthy, I'm sure I would have heard.

But do you trust me, and do you trust google? The answer should be:
No, and sometimes.

Follow the google links and read for yourself until YOU are convinced.
Don't forget the tin foil hat while you do it. ;)


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