WikiLeaks helped spark off Middle East uprisings

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Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger said his paper=92s coverage of leaked US em=
bassy cables helped stir revolution in the Middle East and North Africa as =
he picked up the newspaper of the year prize at the Press Awards last night=

=93I think it=92s too early to say the impact that story had on events in t=
he Middle East and North Africa, but I would guess that it had some effect.=

Speaking afterwards to Press Gazette, Rusbridger said:Wikileaks was the=
 story of the year, I can=92t think of another story, which has been create=
d by a newspaper, that has been bigger.

=93It has been discussed in every capital city in the world. It wasn=92t ha=
nded to us on a plate - it was a lot of work.=94

On the question of what effect revelations in leaked US embassy cables had =
on Arab countries, he said that Guardian foreign correspondent Ghaith Abdul=
 Ahad told him thateverywhere he's been Tunisia, Egypt, Libya t=
hey talk about Wikileaks=94.

He added:The Americans were the people who were propping up these regim=
es and yet [the Embassy Cables revealed] they knew they were corrupt. It wa=
s hugely important.=94

Wikileaks stories helped fuel Arab revolts =

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