Why these ports are running on a W2K3 domain controllers?

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Did an internal port scan on a number of Windows Server 2003 and found the
following ports, but they seems weired.  Any
comments/suggestions/information are thankful.

85 (MIT ML Device)
264 (BGMP)
039 (Streamlined Blackhole)
1041 (AK2 Product)
1043 (BONIC Client Control)
$1051 (Optima VNET)
1052 (Dynamic DNS Tools)
1074 (FASTechnologies License Manager)
1098 (RMI Activation)
1119 (Battle.net Chat/Game Protocol)
1264 (PRAT)
1302 (Cl3-Software-2)
1360 (MIMER)
1366 (Novell NetWare Comm Service Platform) - We don't have Novell stuff on
our network!!
1378 Elan License Manager
4000 (Terabase)
5998 (Asp module for Apache servers(
6001 (Rainbow SuperPro Net network Services)
6071 (SSDTP)
6502 (BoKS Servm)
6503 (BoKS Clntd)
6504 ??

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