When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!!! _____ ueaGP7rAI...

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When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!!  
I think you must know what I’m talking about.   Together, a heavy foreign accent,
coupled with a lousy phone connection can only mean one thing... An outsourced
operation, in a place like India, China, The Philippines, etc.; where some
greedy American corporation is saving a few pieces of Silver and displacing
American workers in the process.
The best thing you can do is hang up... look for the companies’ on-shore
and complain! Tell them you’re sick and tired of sub-standard services by people
who speak English so poorly that you can hardly communicate... are most often
poorly trained... have little accountability for the advice they give you...
often can’t be
heard clearly because of a poor satellite phone connection... conveniently block
their caller-ID... give themselves phony names like ‘Tina’ or ’Jimmy’ (to
deceive you
into thinking they’re local) and most often provide no avenue to escalate an
to someone who can really help.
Corporations will only end this practice if they see they’re losing their
base as a consequence. Let’s start doing our part by starting a grass-roots
When You Hear The Heavy Accent & The Poor Phone Connection... HANG UP!
-(Ignore what follows)

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