What Windows process initiate connection to other Port 139?

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I am not sure whether my machine got hacked.  It keeps trying to make
TCP connection to port 139 on the other machine[s].  However, I found
no process based on its initiating port.  It seems to me it was
spawned by other running process, but I am running out of idea to
track that down.

One thing I don't really understand is that how does my machine know
these IP addresses for connection; therefore, I suspect it has been

Not sure whether it is related.  There are a lot of machines trying to
make connections to my machine at port 135 and 445.  Most initiating
IP are near.  If this is normal, how do they know my IP? I just hope
my machine didn't boardcast its address for invitations! :(

I am using Windows 2000 Server with limited ports open to the net.  I
captured these IP log from my hardware router.


Re: What Windows process initiate connection to other Port 139?

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Try a web-search about SMB and Windows "File Sharing"/Network
Neighborhood, and netbios. It's a big topic.

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Broadcasts. They look for who is the domain master, have "elections",
create Browse-lists. My ISP's network is buzzing with activity from
Windows machines. I too wondered why all these machines seemed to probe
mine on certain ports, namely 137-138/udp, and 139,445/tcp. If you
have a sniffer, watch the traffic sometime and see what they send.
Have a look at http://www.samba.org/ They're better at explaining
stuff and you can see source code, unlike whatever MS has on it (if
you can find what you're looking for on their site...)

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They're probably all on your ISP's subnet, right? Visible, browsable
machines should make up the Windows Network Neighborhood (don't quote
me on this, I never checked it from a Windows machine myself). On
Linux, I can see a shares listing with something like this-

smbclient -U guest -N -L <the netbios machine's name>

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Be careful what you're serving up ;)  I few people have their C:\
shared with the rest of the subnet here. I'm not sure how secure MS
Windows 2000 server is, but there's been issues in the past regarding
this area; like anything else, keep patched, keep current, and do your

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