What does denial of service attack mean?

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Re: What does denial of service attack mean?

crb wrote:
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But his subject line asked "Re: What  does denial of service attack mean?"

Newsgroup readers prefer that at a minimum you repeat your question in
the body.

You could find an answer to this at any number of Wiki's, by typing
"denial of service" into Google.

In general, it means just what it sounds like: preventing access to some
resource.  Cutting off the power to your home is a DOS for your TV, your
refrigerator, etc.  Preventing an oil truck from delivering fuel to you
by blocking the street with traffic is a DOS.  Putting chewing gum in a
bank ATM slot is also.. oh, and crashing a web server or keeping it tied
up with zillions of requests (whether from deliberate intent or from
Slashdot type access) is a DOS.

Tony Lawrence
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Re: What does denial of service attack mean?


In comp. security terms, DOS will normally mean preventing authorised
users from accessing the system resources by blocking access to the
system by some means e.g sending lots to messages to the system through
net that consumes all the bandwidth of the network for that resource or
producing so much work for that resource that it may not be able to
respond to other users in reasonably good period of time.


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