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I work on web server with very high security behind a firewall.
If someone got in to our server and "attacked" our web server, what
what would I have to do as a web developer? Do I take down all of my
pages? Does the System Admin have to "sanitize" the web server? What is
Please advise if anyone been through this and what has to be done.

Also what other stressful situations can happen as a web developer?

Re: Web Developer stressful situations

On Thu, 24 Mar 2005 05:54:30 -0800, teser3 wrote:

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Unfortunately, the most common way that a web server would be attacked is
through the web applications that run on it.  OWASP is a very good
resource for seeing what kind of vulnerabilities commonly exist in web

These vulnerabilities are exploitable because your firewall will not stop
what appears to be totally legitimate traffic to the webservers.

Do yourself a favor and look into Covelight Systems Percept.  It will help
lower your risk, reduce incident response time, increase forensic analysis
capability, and provide a view into the health of your web applications.
Don't become the next Choicepoint or LexisNexis.

Covelight Systems

Protecting the privacy, integrity and confidentiality of your
critical web-enabled information.


Re: Web Developer stressful situations

teser3@hotmail.com wrote:

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Discuss this with your security officer.

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http://www.cert.org /

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In the case where your computer gets 0wn3d, the answer is to replace the
hard disks (if possible, to allow forensic examination) and reinstall
from known clean media - this often means wiping the disks, and finding
the original media, installing that, and then patching up to current.

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Google doesn't work for you?  The keywords you are looking for are
'website' and 'compromise'.

    Web  Results 1 - 10 of about 5,630,000 for website compromise. (0.38

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Following standards, instead of attempting to create the usual sh?tty
web page that only works with one version of some broken web browser.
I personally don't care - if a site doesn't work with the first two
browsers I try, I go elsewhere.

        Old guy

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