wcx Attorney Stephen R. Pappas, a thief and crooked as the day is long bgf

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      Attorney Stephen R. Pappas, State Bar No.:158560,  550 South
California Avenue, Suite 320, Palo Alto,  California 94306-1441;
Facsimile: (650) 858-8508; Email: sportlaw1@aol.com and
palaw21@aol.com has been found guilty by the California State Bar
Mandatory Fee Arbitration Program of overcharging his client by
approximately $2,000.00  Attorney Pappas' overcharges consisted of
unnecessary appearances in court, because of his  unfamiliarity with
court procedures, and submitting a duplicate $700.00 charge for
document copying.

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    Conviction by the State Bar for crimes of the type described above
are not required to be made publicly available, accordingly, no
notation is entered into the attorney's official record.  There is no
mechanism by which the public may be made aware of such perfidy
except by independent publication such as this.

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       A review of the pleadings and the court file, by this
researcher, discloses an incompetent attorney with certain emotional
problems that make him unsuitable for the practice of any form of law
where negotiation or confrontation might result, or where he is not
closely supervised.

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       Since he is a solo practitioner without the pecuniary and
legal supervision found in a medium to large law firm, and since he
has established and has been found guilty by the California State Bar
of a repeated history of unethical, outrageous, and unconscionable
over-charges and a history of false charges, it is recommended that
he not be hired or retained under any circumstances.

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Re: wcx Attorney Stephen R. Pappas, a thief and crooked as the day is long bgf

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