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Hi, there,

I'm a writer working on a spyware story for the May/June issue of
Connect, a new(ish) magazine that caters to small- and medium-sized
businesses and other orgs (government, nonprofit, education).

We're looking to talk to IT people from those types of organizations
who'd be willing to share their real-life experiences with spyware
and pass on any advice they've learned.

The phone interview (on my dime) wouldn't take more than 15 minutes,
though I do need to do it sometime this week (3/28-4/1). Interviewees
might also have their picture in the magazine as well (only if they
wish, of course).

I'm a 15-year computer writer who's contributed to CIO, CSO,
Electronic Business, The Boston Globe Magazine, Salon, and, way back,
PC Week and Microcomputing.

Please email if interested. Thanks much!


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