Waking computer from standby during Norton Virus Scan?

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How can I get Norton antivirus to wake my computer from standby to
perform a virus scan?

I always have my computer on, so I have it set to go to standby after
some inactivity to save energy. I have my virus scans scheduled at
night when I AND my computer are sleeping. When I had Norton Antivirus
2003, the computer would successful wake my computer from standby. But
now that I have installed Antivirus 2005, it no longer wake the
computer from standby.
How do I fix it so it does wake the computer to do a virus scan?

Re: Waking computer from standby during Norton Virus Scan?

After a few more minutes of fiddling around with the computer, I was
able to figure out my own question.

If you go to the "Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks" and then select the
Norton AntiVirus task, go to the Settings tab, and check the option
"Wake the computer to run this task".

I guess my earlier version of Antivirus either did this automatically
or had a more convenient way to select this option within the Norton

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