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Can someone help me with virus in my machine?
Type of my machine: PC
OS: window 2000
network connection: dial up
Problem: every time I connect to internet, a meesage window pop up.
The message box look like that:
On the title bar: Messenger Service
The content in the box as following:
message from SYSTEM to USER on 1/15/2005 4:18:34 pm
Warning: Your computer may have critical errors in
registry and file system.
These errors can lead to computer crashes, instability,
slowness, and full system failure.
Immediate repair may be required.
See help file at:
To bring up help file, type into
your web brower or:
1. Press Windows "START" button in lower-left-hand corner
2. Select "Run" from menu
3. Type into box then press "OK"

I try to kill this message box, but it periodtically show up. I
download microsoft removing virus program(windows-KB890830-ENU) and run
but still cannot remove it.
Would someone tell me how would this viruse will get installed on my
Why does it only pop up message box when I connect to internet?
Thank you for help?


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