viewallclicks - anyone know anything about this attacker?

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I cross posted this in a thread in the Google web search help group.
That was started by domain owners whose site hits were being
highjacked by this viewallclicks. I don't have a website, but I was in
my msn hotmail email account when my Norton scanner popped open and
said a high risk intruder attempt had been sucessfully blocked. It
said it was a HTTP Misleading Application Detection and the attack
came from and gave the IP address that was trying to
attack my computer.

I have has some problems in the past with an individual (my almost ex)
trying to hack into my computer, sending viruses, installing a remote
access program, etc. Does anyone know if this viewallclicks is being
used by individuals who arent looking to redirect website hits? Shold
I be content that norton detected and stopped it? Or is there anything
else I should be doing to protect my computer?


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