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Re: Unpatched Windows Vunerabilities

patkay_156@yahoo.co.uk (Pat) writes:


]Hypothetically, if I am using an unpatched Windows XP computer behind
]a router/firewall. I do not use Internet Explorer or Outlook Express
]and I disable messenger. Are there any viruses/worms out there that
]could infect me? (assuming I don't do anything really stupid like
]clicking on .exe/.com/.pif/.scr attachments)

If you are connected to the internet, you could be comprimised. We have no
idea about your firewall or what it lets through in either direction, not
how vulnerable it is. email viruses still exist even on other readers. etc.

Your question is like someone in Medieaval times saying
I have a moat and a drawbridge, but no walls to my castle. Could I be

Re: Unpatched Windows Vunerabilities

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Hell I know I 'could' be attacked. I'm asking if there are known
vulnerabilities at the moment for a setup such as mine. Assuming of
course I don't download some Trojan or virus.

To answer your questions I use Firefox and Thunderbird and I am behind a
Netgear router/firewall blocking all incoming ports.

Re: Unpatched Windows Vunerabilities


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The netgear isn't blocking all ports, otherwise you would not have
network connectivity, right?  You might want to read up on how NAT
works before you make statements like that.

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