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I am using a LiveCD with pre-installed Firefox for on-line banking
(https site).

I believe that this is the safest option because I assume that nothing
can be saved to the LiveCD (malware, etc).

Am I correct?

I connect from home, use wifi (WPA)



Re: UBUNTU + Firefox + LiveCD

On Mon, 3 May 2010 05:03:04 -0700 (PDT), not_here.5.species8350@xoxy.net wrote:
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Pretty much so, just going by "nothing can be saved" feature.

Would not be convenient for me. My bank checks my cookies and if does
not match, emails me a number which I have to enter to continue with
account access.

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Downside is you have to trust the wifi/router connection.

Maybe a poisoned dns cache in the router. Maybe a router crack which
has criminal's dns server instead of your ISP's.

Then there is the possibility of running an old firefox/plugin with known
exploit holes.

No easy way to block advertisements which may contain malware which
may work within current connection.

Possibility of you mistyping bank's url.

Off hand I can not think of anything else.

My solution is to have a separate linux user for bank work.
~/.bash_profile verifies firefox is not running and if it is, tells me
to close it and exits the login, otherwise it runs  firefox index.html

index.html has my bank's url for login and main banking page url.

~/.bash_logout runs a script to delete files/directories and tars in a
pristine setup for next time.

I use privoxy proxy server with neilvandyke rules to block ad sites
which might contain malware.
http://www.privoxy.org /
http://www.neilvandyke.org/privoxy-rules /

I do not use router's dns servers. I use OpenDNS free servers in

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