U.S government contractors trained up Sony PlayStation network (PSN) hackers

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Indications show the Sony PlayStation network (PSN) compromise was carried =
out by young, naive, vulnerable males who had been trained up anonymously b=
y security services linked to U.S government, some two weeks ago via IRC fo=

The security contractors gave the males the know-how and capability to laun=
ch the attack, which has crippled Sony's online gaming network for up-to a =

The males already had the ambition to attack Sony, and they were given the =
training to carry out the attack.

The attacks are a long term strategic interest for U.S government who wish =
to covertly train young, naive would be hackers into attacking corporations=
 who have security vulnerabilities.

U.S government wish for corporate America to be secure, so are eager to tra=
in up low level script kids, showing them in practical terms how to exploit=
 vulnerabilities known by the contractors.

This is to prevent sophisticated hackers belonging to regimes abroad from t=
aking advantage of the vulnerabilities and using them for instance to attac=
k critical national infrastructure, such as energy & utilities.

The overall goal is to secure corporate America using actual attacks to bri=
ng attention to the vulnerabilities within some of the biggest corporations=
, who pose a risk to national security, as the regimes abroad may wish to c=
ompromise these for possible economic and terrorism acts of the future.

This attack is part of a broader strategic pattern the security services li=
nked to U.S government are now undertaking, to bring about a culture of you=
ng, naive, vulnerable males into being anonymously trained for one-time onl=
y attacks, for a one issue cause.

Security services linked to UK government observed these contractors with l=
inks to U.S government over two weeks ago via IRC forums, while monitoring =
a seperate group of individuals.

I'm working closely with my partners in the UK to identify who trained up t=
he hackers and to bring these security contract workers to justice.

The Sony PlayStation network compromise will not be the last in a series of=
 planned attacks, unless these people are eliminated from the equation.

Security services linked to UK government are taking active measures to pub=
licly broadcast what is going on, as a preventive measure.

It has come to my attention that security services linked to U.S government=
 are planning to train up further young, naive, vulnerable males in the fut=
ure with grudges against major UK companies.

It is within the interest of security services linked to UK government to e=
xpose and bring to the attention of what actually happened with the Sony Pl=
ayStation network compromise, and what patterns are planned for the future.

The pattern is not for these attacks to end on U.S shores but to take these=
 attacks to the UK.

Security services linked to UK government are taking steps to thwart the pl=
ot by U.S government contractors, as we don't wish for them to meddle in UK=
 internal security affairs.

UK government have their own cybersecurity strategies and we wish for U.S t=
o respect this.

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