Truecrypt 6 hates pagefiles?

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Had a strange problem installing the new Truecrypt - on two different
machines, one Vista, one XP, it disabled the pagefile completely...

Anybody else had this problem?

Juergen Nieveler
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Re: Truecrypt 6 hates pagefiles?

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I have not upgraded my Windows XP box Truecrypt 6 yet, but the
behavior makes sense. The Debian Linux installer does something
similar, in that it refuses to proceed if you use an encrypted file
system but use an unencrypted swap partition. The data you're trying
to protect with Truecrypt (or in my case, an encrypted Linux file
system) might linger unencrypted in the swap space/pagefile.

You might try mounting the Truecrypt partition, and put your pagefile
on the drive letter that XP assigns to the Truecrypt "drive". I have
managed to steer clear of Vista, so I don't know if the same thing
would work there, and XP may complain about the pagefile not being on
the same drive letter as the system files, but it should let you


Re: Truecrypt 6 hates pagefiles?

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Doesn't make sense in my case - I only use manually mounted containers.

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That's the funny thing - I don't use encrypted partitions, and
Truecrypt didn't ask me about the pagefile.

There wasn't any need for Truecrypt to change that setting, and
disabling the pagefile makes most computers unusable...

Juergen Nieveler
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Re: Truecrypt 6 hates pagefiles?

Juergen Nieveler wrote:

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Perhaps you did not see the option which is selected by default:


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Re: Truecrypt 6 hates pagefiles?

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Found it when I updated to 6.0a - but still don't understand why they
set this as default, with no warning at all... disabling the pagefile
causes lots of problems on most machines.

Hell, even my Vista machine with 2GB of RAM had problems running more
than a few apps at the same time without a pagefile :-(

Juergen Nieveler
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