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EXECryptor reaches version 2.1.21

Many people are waiting for the next release of your great product,
and you are ready to release. You want users to use your program and
to pay for it, as all companies do. But you also know, there's many
people who doesn't want to buy your product but want to crack it and
offer it free to others. So, you are looking for strong and unbeatable
protection against these graceless thieves ... We have heard you, and
your wait is over.

EXECryptor is a powerful software tool that provide developers with
software protection from reverse engineering, analysis, modifications,
and cracking. Its main difference from other protection tools is a new
and unique metamorphing code transformation technology.

With EXECryptor the protected code block is not just packed or
obfuscated like many other packers, but also disassembled into
nondeterminate transformations, effectively scrambling the visible
logical code structure and making it impossible to reverse. After the
code transformation, it remains executable and working as it is
supposed to but it cannot be analysed, modified, or circumvented.

It is not just a question about code encryption but also code
transformation. You can optionally wrap additional parts of your code,
at a source code level, in special flags which then transform into
virtually impossible code to trace, crack, or bypass. Protected code
blocks are never 'decrypted' during execution they remain in their
transformed code state. Code restoration becomes an NP-hard problem.

EXECryptor has the innovative very powerful antidebug, antitrace and
import protection features to stop the latest cracking software.

EXECryptor allows to use short registration keys of 12/16 characters
long, based on a new generation of our HardKey algorithm,
cryptographically strong ultrashort digital signature.

The power of software protection with EXECryptor is proved out in
practice: despite numberous cracking attempts and challenges, the
EXECryptor's 2.x series has not been cracked since its inception in
July of 2004.

In addition to its advanced protection features, EXECryptor allows you
to compress the code and resources of your application. EXECryptor is
able to protect any 32bit PE executable file (exe, dll, bpl, vxd,

It has been tested with W95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP/2003. SDKs are available
for Delphi, C++Builder, Microsoft Visual C++, LCC, PellesC, Visual
Basic, PowerBASIC, IBASIC, PureBasic.

What's new in this version :
- added sdk and example for IBasic
- improved antidebug and antitrace.

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