Tommy virus in email

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Both my Comcast and gmail accounts received an email from "Tommy" which cau=
sed a suspicious never before seen popup to appear. I had been expecting so=
mething of this nature to occur because I made a joke about Marilyn Monroe =
taking over God's throne. In the movie there is a scene where Tommy is take=
n to a place where they worship Marilyn, and a hilarious scene follows when=
 he overturns her statue...

My solution at the first on Comcast was to immediately do a reset my Safari=
 browser. When a weird message popped up at gmail in the process of accessi=
ng the spam folder I reset Safari and powered down the machine.

If I am making a false alarm, then there is no harm done, but I suspect tha=
t the popup is to cause the user to enable master account privileges for th=
e current account, with the bogus request to report error message substitut=
ing for the normal privilege requestor.=20

Lonnie Courtney Clay

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