To: Valdis Kletnieks

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Thankfully you are very rarely involved with public and private sector
business talks in the UK, so the situation will probably never arise
we are in the same board room.

Stay in America and keep away from the UK is the best thing that could
ever happen to you, because frankly meeting you would be a complete
nightmare for me and I would find it hard to work with you on any
meaningful level.

One thing for sure is you have pissed me off with the way you speak to
me via private email and your perceived perception of who I am, and
what you think n3td3v is.

Maybe in the beginning it seemed like disorganised non-sense to you,
but it has evolved and shaped over the years with me and is now a
serious force to be reckoned with and is able to compete with other
consultancy orgainsations in the UK, now that there are serious
consultants on board from the business and government sector in the
UK, where we work on meaningful policy reform within organisations, to
tighten security against foreign powers, terrorist attacks and other

To be perfectly honest, I would like to say, I think you've been
reading mailing lists too much, a lot more goes on in industry than
the stupid disclosure community, work actually gets done that is
meaningful and satisfying when I come home at night.

My advice to you is, stop reading mailing lists, get on with the
physical industry and stop basing your views of people based on back
and forward horse play people have have had between 2004-2009.

That part of n3td3v is behind you, me and everyone, I removed the
mailing list as a symbolic gesture to move on from that.

I'm now a professional, consulting and liaising with other consultants
in the UK in the public and private sector through the consortium, the
consultants who ive had dealings with in the physical domain who have
decided to join through knowing me in a working relationship.

The organisation is nothing to do with what it might have been, n3td3v
is rethought and matured, along with me.

You couldn't possibly say the same orgainsation I started when I was
18 is going to be the same orgainsation today now that I'm 30, it

I've changed, we've changed, the type of people I come into contact
has changed through opportunities I've gained in the physical domain.

n3td3v is very much nothing to do with anything online-based, but has
shifted into the physical domain, in that, its people I actually know
who I can shake hands with who are members.

That is why the name was changed, the brand, its now a consortium, its
nothing to do with online or some silly Google group mailing list.

The beginning days of n3td3v between 2004-2009 and the Google group
mailing list was used to push my name out into the industry to become
known, you should be able to work with me in a meaningful working
relationship if you ever had to through work commitments.

Everyone else who I meet in the physical domain knows who I am, but
they don't judge me for it, they shake my hand and move on with the
problems in the industry that are needing solved.

They don't say, that's Andrew who used to post in the disclosure
community, let's huff and puff about it.

They take me as I am in the physical domain, realise it was silly
horse play from the past and move on.

I hope you are able to do the same, because your attitude just annoys
me that you cannot have a mature and professional approach in the way
you talk with me.

Andrew Wallace

IT Security Consultant

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