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 > --> stunnel -help == ....  OMG it's got a zillion options !!  Why
 > couldn't they just LEAVE the system as it was WORKING in the 90s ?!

    Because no one anymore believes that all the corporate network
    operators, all the ISP's, and all the transit network operators,
    would under no circumstances monitor and record one's network
    traffic, just in the case it would later be requested by the
    authorities (or by the company's own management)?

    And it wasn't the 90'ies, actually.  I saw a few students at a
    local university getting the passwords send unencrypted over the
    network as recently as in 2005.  (Quite an easy task, I'd say,
    given the availability of tcpdump(8), and the similar
    unfamiliarity with TLS/SSL of the university's staff.)


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