TippingPoint gives vendors six months to fix holes

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Microsoft will tell all these vendors trying to dictate to them when
to issue a patch to get lost.

Look what happened with Tavis Ormandy, Microsoft said no to 60 days,
so Ormandy released the technical details to the public domain within
5 days.

All thats going to happen here, is a bunch of companies such as
TippingPoint releasing vulnerabilities to the public domain when no
patch is available and get sued by Microsoft for it.

There is a BIG difference between individual researchers going Full-
disclosure and a vendor such as TippingPoint with a lot of money to
lose going Full-disclosure.

Indeed, Microsoft haven't sued individual researchers, as individual
researchers have next to no money to lose, however big vendors such as
TippingPoint owned by HP, do.

http://news.cnet.com/8618-27080_3-20012550.html?communityId=2134&targetCommunityId=2134&blogId=245&messageId=9695879&tag=mncol ;tback

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