Thermite found in WTC dust

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following this study:


thermite was found in WTC dust. So my question is: is there an
investigation on this topic? Could anybody confirm or vitiate this
information already?

If there is evidence for thermite in WTC dust, then it's clear that WTC
was not broken down because of the impacts but was demolished using a
planned discreation not related to the impacting planes.

Sounds strange to me.

I'm not interested in theories here, only facts, please. Was there a
review of the mentioned paper? How did this review take place exactly?

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Re: Thermite found in WTC dust

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Since they collapsed from the upper floors first, thermite would do very
little.... and if you don't know what thermite is made from, you could
be pulled into this conspiracy...

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Re: Thermite found in WTC dust

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Indeed. Especially since Thermite would rather be used for WELDING.
It's not as if the stuff explodes or anything...

Oh, and given the rather excessive camera coverage of the WTC in the
last few minutes... does anybody believe the media would have missed
the rather spectacular view of large amounts of magnesium and iron
oxide reacting? THAT would have been a light show...

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