Suggestions for a simple "childproof" encryption

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I writing a program in C++ using VC 7.1 targeted for NT4 and Win2000.
I have looked on the ATL lib CCryptKey and the other fellas in atlcrypt.h.

I am a little bit reluctant to bring all this in when all I need is a
"childproof" encrypt/decrypt to ensure people are not hacking in a
certain file.

The code will be run in a fairly secure environment on a single machine
within firewalls at factories. The permission of the users are fairly
limited, they can't install program for example.

Do you have any other suggestions or some good place to read agout how's
  the cryptography is made. I have fairly extensive experience as
electrical engineers go but have never been in miles of cryptography before.

Thanks in advance /Gorgen

Re: Suggestions for a simple "childproof" encryption

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It depends on whom you are trying to keep out. If it is a casual user, then
anything will work. Just use say aes or blowfish to make the container.
On the other hand if your user is somewhat sophisticated, then it gets more
difficult. The fact that they cannot write to the machine is irrelevant. As
long as they can read from the disk they may be able to transfer the
program to another computer and play with it there. This is the reason that
dongles were invented. However they are highly user unfriendly and have
justifyably fallen out of use.
Another approach is to use keys and tie the key somehow to some physical
characteristic of the machine (MAC address for example), but again is user

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