Steve Topletz Claims Windows 7 Is Backdoored !!!

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"I would like to nominate Windows 7 and later as a backdoored OS

Windows 7 and later give Microsoft the ability to remotely and
silently add certificate authorities to your OS. This means
undetectable Man-In-The-Middle attacks across every website and every
service, including skype, IM, everything.

The real issue here is trusting Certificate Authorities, which are how
SSL certs and https and other items are validated as "legit" or fake.

Further, I can confirm that this is the case and that governments,
especially the US, are doing this. How do I know? Simple:
intelligence product vendors are now offering DPI/MITM devices that
work seamlessly at 40 Gbps speeds (internet backbone), and all you
have to do is insert your strongarmed SSL certificate and it does the
rest. There is no other legitimate reason for such a device to exist.

Now you may ask yourself, are these "trustworthy" Certificate
Authorities, which are built into your OS, really complicit
participants? Well, when I visited China, we saw valid but fake SSL
certificates for Apple issued by the most trusted ssl certificate
vendor on the planet."


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Re: Steve Topletz Claims Windows 7 Is Backdoored !!!

On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 16:17:43 -0500, DasFox wrote:

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Gosh, bet your not a KikeFox, eh? Oh, btw, The Whizzerd is correct.

Sux to be you...

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Re: Steve Topletz Claims Windows 7 Is Backdoored !!!

On Sat, 29 Jan 2011 16:29:08 -0500, Ari Silverstein wrote:

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There is a difference between Windows 7 and other OSs in the details
but how does that behaviour open a new "backdoor" that doesn't already
exist in every other browser and OS combination which are all
vulnerable to the presented compelled certificate creation attack?

Windows does have a backdoor, Windows Update. Even if it's not used in
the typical fashion it technically is backdoor as it allows MS full
remote access to the system (if you keep the default/recommended


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