SSL - can you insite on having certificate?

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If you connect to an SSL secure site that does not have a certificate
from one of the big CAs, or the certificate has expired, you get asked
if you will accept the certificate or not.

I implemented an SSL site at /

which is for private use, so such messages are not an issue.

However, is it possible to configure the site such that unless you have
already have a certificate on your machine, you are unable to connect?
i.e the user has no choice to accept it or not - they either have it, or
they can't connect?

I don't think this is possible, but if it is, please let me know how.
The server runs Apache 2.x.

Dave K /

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Re: SSL - can you insite on having certificate?


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Could you use the mod_ssl "SSLRequireSSL" and "SSLVerifyClient
require" directives together with SSL/TLS client certificates you
generate, sign & issue? I haven't tried this myself, but
< might be a good
place to start.

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