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Thank you for writing back to MSN Hotmail Technical Support.
This is Abigail and I am responding to your concern regarding the your
issue that was no resolved to your satisfaction. I apologize for the
inconvenience that this may have caused you and I understand the
urgency in resolving your issue.

since you had already brought your problem to the Microsoft Security
Research Centre Support Team then they are the ones who can best
address all your concerns. This is because they are already aware of
your issue and we do not want to create a duplicate support request for
I appreciate your understanding regarding this matter.
You are a valuable customer to MSN and we would like to provide you the
best possible e-mail experience using our service. It is through your
inquiries, feedback and concern that we draw our plan on how we can
improve our product to serve you better.

Thank you for using MSN Hotmail.
MSN Hotmail Technical Support

Be specific when describing your problem. The details that you include
enable us to promptly send you the most likely solution to your issue.
Before you read this message further, this is actually a continuation
of an email under a different case number.  The original case number
is:  SRX1015374076ID
All relevant information regarding this issue is copied below.  Before
closing, I would like to point out that after sending the customer
satisfaction survey, I have received no further direct communication
about the issue associated with the aforementined case number.  Am I
to assume that once you send a customer the satisfaction survey, you
close the case file?  The issue was never resolved to my satisfaction
which is why I am complaining again and why there will be 2 case
numbers for the same issue.  My apologies, but you left me no choice.


Thank you for the note.  I find it interesting that Netcraft
the load balancing system used.  I would not however consider this a
vulnerability.  There are quite a few tools out there that allow
to gather information about the type of device/OS that they are
connecting to/through.  Some of these "fingerprinting" methods include
throwing different types of ICMP packets at the device/OS and matching
the response to a database of expected responses and associated
I will however pass this along to the MSN group for their information
and action if necessary.
Kind regards,

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