SquiggleSR : fox Google and Yahoo!

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SquiggleSR is a Firefox extension that sends generated queries to
search engines to fox and deceive them and protect web-searchers
Unlike TrackMeNot, it protects privacy with minor effects on
searches personalization and bandwidth consumption. With SquiggleSR,
users select about which topics they want to generate false queries:
keywords are extracted from users favorite RSS flows. SquiggleSR
supports OPML files so users can import easily their RSS

Compared to tools which protect web-searchers privacy through
anonymization, obfuscation tools have some  key advantages:

*    Proxies are not compliant with personalized searches (a promising
search engines feature)

*    Proxies are useless when the ISP itself record the traffic. Some
could argue that encryption can be used, but it's not that easy for
average to encrypt traffic.

*    Anonymization is not adapted for every situation. For instance in
the GReader case, anonymization would have been a non-sense while
obfuscation could have been useful.

*    Many users want keep access to online services and do not want to be

SquiggleSR is released under the GPL. Any comments or ideas is

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