SquiggleSR : deceiving search engines and cookie tracking

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SquiggleSR is a Firefox add-on which generates personalized queries to
search engines to deceive search engines and protect user=92s privacy.
Queries are generated using personalized keywords and clicks are
randomly simulated on non-sponsored results. SquiggleSR uses several
sources of keywords, including RSS flows and search engines statistics
(Zeitgeist, Yahoo! Buzz=85).
Motivated by the new controversial advertising system Phorm, we
introduce a feature capable to deceive cookie tracking in the last
version of SquiggleSR. This option simply simulates a full display of
clicked results and thus downloads ads from advertising and web
analyzing system (Double Click, Google analytics).  This option is
only available with Firefox 3 and off by default because it consumes
additional bandwidth and may open unwanted popup (notice that we are
adding a bandwidth estimator).
SquiggleSR new features and enhancements include:
=95    Enhanced graphics.
=95    Simpler interface.
=95    Support of Firefox 3 (including beta 5)
=95    Improved log visualization
=95    Support iso characters in queries
=95    Unify the management of keywords sources ( a tree is used instead of
different lists)
=95    Allow weighted simulated profiles : user can give a weight to a
topic, the number of queries generated that are related to this topic
depend on the weight of the topic
=95    Statistics (include bandwidth consumption)
=95    User search parameter (number of results per page, the language,...)
are used in simulated queries
Next versions of SquiggleSR should include:
=95 Simpler and more intuitive UI
=95 Several configuration levels.
=95 Adaptive queries and clicks scheduling
=95 More statistics

If you want further information, please visit the website:

Comment and suggestions on the SquiggleSR forum (http://
squigglesr.free.fr/forum) are welcome.

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