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My Spybot S&D has changed its behavior, and I'm
starting to ask, what do I have here now?  Up
to a few weeks ago, it started quick and ran to
good effect.  It seems still to be finding the
usual spywares but it's notably changed in ways
I can't see coming from program revision and

First change: It's very slow to start.  My
machine works away for about a full minute
before anything happens on the screen.  In this
time, says my Task Manager showing Processes, my
CPU is busy at near 100%.  What's getting done in
this time?  ??

Second change: Updating is slow and indirect.  I
get a screen asking which of a variety of sources
to get the latest update from; getting the update
is very slow, and I have to close the update
software to get back to (what seems to be) the

Which leads me to ask, what's going on here?  Is
my Spybot S&D still actually Spybot S&D?  ??
And if so, what's it up to now?  

Thanks -- Martha Adams
[comp.security.misc 2007 Nov 26]

Re: Spybot S&D ??

Martha Adams wrote:

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WTF? The "usual"? Your system is seriously compromised, you should flatten
and rebuild!

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Your system is compromised, you shouldn't expect ANYTHING to work normally.

Re: Spybot S&D ??

On Mon, 26 Nov 2007 17:36:59 GMT, Martha Adams wrote:

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