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Thuriam Software Services

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application support and improvement, Thuriam's offers a compelling
alternative to minimize software development costs, and improve the
quality of your software solutions and compress software development
time. We have been using state-of-the-art Quality Assurance
methodologies and practices in all its projects, focusing to deliver
error-free software services. We delivere our services to verticals
including Healthcare, Financial Services and Banking,
Telecommunication, Retail, Security, Construction, Transportation etc.
Few of our services for preview

=B7    Application development Our Team of programmers can develop and
design personalized software for any particular business functions. We
can manage from DESKTOP or NETWORK programming for large organization
database: ORACLE, SYBASE, INTERBASE, INFORMIX, MS-SQL and in kind of
CLIENT/SERVER or program type DISTRIBUTED, that includes any
multi-platform of any new technology.
=B7    Database design & development tasks include Website Design /
Website Marketing/Graphic Design / Presentations / Multimedia/ Writing
/ Editing / Translation/ Programming / Software / Database Development/
GIS and Spatial Analysis/ GIS Cartography, Conversion, & CAD/ Remote
Sensing & Image Processing / Land Surveying & Mapping/ E911-Integrated
Mapping/ Photogrammetry & Aerial Photography, Packaged software
development and sales in the areas of CAD, CAM, GIS, Graphics, DTP,
Vision and Expert Systems, Turnkey software development, Engineering
consultancy with computerized analysis and MIS tools, Services in the
areas of CAD, Cartographic Databases, MIS and Multimedia,
Cross-platform conversions/porting of applications and software
=B7    Security We have offered software solutions for complex problems
such as implementation of constraint solver, parametric sketcher,
Solver for Finite element analysis of beams with variable loading,
modules for optimization, software for data encryption for software
security. We have productively implemented many projects relating
visualization based on geometry data. We have delivered Surface,
Volumetric data viewers for Geometric, manufacturing and medical
domain. We utilize skills in the following domains Computational
Geometry, Algorithm Design, Object oriented methodology, Software
Engineering, Manufacturing technology and Industrial production
=B7    Software Packages like Escrow Software, Macintosh Accounting
Software, Punch Design Software, Chiropractic Software, Medical
Appointment Scheduling Software, Contract Management Software, Lease
Accounting Software, Small Business Accounting Software, Business
Intelligence Software, Medical Billing Software, Recruiting Software,
Business Accounting Software, Marketing Automation Software, Small
Business Payroll Software, Help Desk Software, Facility Scheduling
Software, Small Business Bookkeeping Software, Billing Software,
Accounting Software, Business Scheduling Software, Field Service
Software, Network Management Software
=B7    Other services include ERP, Web Development, Customized Enterprise
Solutions, Wireless/Mobile Application Development, Science Intensive
Development, Software Project Recovery, Database Development and
Migration, Linux/Unix Development, Embedded Software Development,
Porting and Migration, Legacy Systems, Re-engineering, Enterprise
Application Integration,  Quality Engineering, Microsoft .NET
Development, Java Card Applications, Database solutions Java / J2EE
Development, Smart Card Solutions, Handhelds & PDAs, Embedded system
design and programming,  Networking, Scripts & Utilities, System
administration, Technical support, Wireless,  Game, VOIP, Game
programming, Database administration, Custom programming

Thuriam monitors the overall direction for the project, including
determining which features the solution will and will not include, and
a general schedule for delivery.  Then our team prepares the functional
specifications, works the design process through, and work plans, cost
estimates and schedules for the various deliverables.  Testing
highlights usage and operation under realistic environmental
conditions. The team aims on resolving and triaging (prioritizing) bugs
and preparing the solution for release. Our testers develop the Test
Plan, test cases and scripts, the system and verify whether it
functions as per the specification.  We support our customers with all
required activities and procedures to establish productive
customer-contractor communication environment.

=B7    Project kick-off visits
=B7    Normal visits to customer
=B7    Onsite & offsite work
=B7    Regular project status reports, feedback
=B7    Regular telephone conferences (conference calls)


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