Software that provides plug and play trojans

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I can't remember where I saw it, but at one time I thought I saw a tool
that would allow a hacker to put an executable of his making into
another executable and pass this off as legit software.  From what I
recall this tool was very user friendly and basically you entered in
this exe file and another exe file and created a new exe file.  I can't
recall the name of it, but would like to know something more about it
and possibly get a screen shot of it so I can use it for a

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Passwords disappeared-Netscape 7.2

Hi there,

I'm using Netscape 7.2 browser 128 bit. My computer has a 1,9 ghz PIV
chip with 1 giga RAM and 200 gb hd, running WXP home.  I'm using Norton
Systemworks with updated AV protection. I also regularly run Ad-aware SE
personal (updated) and MS antispyware. Everything is supossedly clean,
and yet, all my passwords have disappeared, and I can't save them again.

Every couple minutes, I need to retype my passwords so my computer may
check for existing new mail. In password manager, the right button has
disappeared, and none of the retyped passwords appear anywhere.

Any idea of what's going on?  Nothing appears on Google about this
problem.  Am I the victim of a password stealing worm?

Please respond, any assistance will be appreciated.

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