small&fast Digital signature algorithm

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Hello !

We need to embed digital signature algorithm into electronic device.
What algorithms you will recommend us?
Due to architectural limitations of this platform we are looking for
small and fast algorithm - we can't exceed small size that possible
to reserve for this cryptographic software module.

Please note that electronic devices will only check signs, and do not
create signs. So we have no limits on algorithm, that will create

What algorithms will be small and convenient in this situation?

Wikipedia at have list
some algorithms:
* Full Domain Hash, RSA-PSS etc., based on RSA
* ElGamal signature scheme
* Undeniable signature
* SHA (typically SHA-1) with RSA
* Rabin signature algorithm
* Pointcheval-Stern signature algorithm
* Schnorr signature

Is any of these algorithms suitable with such limitations?
I have some source of RSA signing - it is very huge in size
in compiled form.

I know, that small algorithm can be not as much secure as a big one,
but we have to found a compromise...

Thank you very much for any information


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