Siteminder and apache 2.0.58 on HP-UX 11- can't find

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Hi all,

I'm trying to set up siteminder 5.5 for apache 2.0.58.  Has anyone done
this before?  I followed netegrity's installation guide and set
SHLIB_PATH to be /opt/siteminder2/webagent/lib (this is of course the
path to where resides on my unix box) and added the
required lines to the httpd.conf file:

LoadModule sm_module /opt/siteminder2/webagent/lib/
SmInitFile \opt\web\apache2\conf\WebAgent.conf
 (the back slashes were specified by the installation guide)

When i try to start apache it says
"Syntax error on line 233 of /opt/web/apache2/conf/httpd.conf:
Cannot load /opt/siteminder2/webagent/lib/ into server:
No such fi
le or directory"

Now i'm pretty much 100% positive there is no syntax error (the line
233 is the LoadModule line) so I'm assuming it is being thrown because
it can't find the file and thinks it may be a typo or
something.  So, the big question is...why the heck can't it find  I know the file exists in that directory and that the
permissions on the directories leading to that file and the permissions
on the file itself are right.  i also pointed SHLIB_PATH at that file.

I'm not completely certain this is the right place to ask, but I figure
there is a chance someone reads this who has set up siteminder and it
just happen to be on apache.  Already tried an apache group and all I
got was a response saying to set some stuff in the apache envvars file
that is basically equivilant to setting

Thanks for any help anyone can offer me.


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