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Trying to shut down IE is a task in it's self. More windows keep poping
up then multipule windows all with advertizing. sometime IE even opens
on it's own. End up having to go to Task Manager and select "End Task.
I use Firefox and wonder if there is a method of un-installing IE?
Many thanks...

Re: Shutting down IE

Hi there,

Hope what I am telling you is correct and appologise if it is not.  But
had a quick look and if you goto control pannel - Add and remove
programs - then upon the left is Add/Remove windows components - select
Internet explorer and then if you follow the steps I would hope it
would un-install it.

Hope this helps

Re: Shutting down IE

CJC wrote:
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Unfortunately that won't help much. Many of the problems associated with
IE are deeper in the libraries. Removing the IE front-end won't remove
the other parts, because they are used by other programs as well. You
can't "fully" remove the IE without crippling other applications.

For example, the WMF bug is in the rendering library. Other programs use
it, too. Change your image viewer to IrfanView, and you are still
vulnerable, because it also uses the same buggy rendering DLL. If you
remove the DLL, IrfanView (and many other things) will break.

-- Lassi

Re: Shutting down IE

"Lassi Hippeläinen" wrote:

[uninstall IE]

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This is true.

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But if you remove gdi32.dll (which is where the problem lies) you'll
have no Windows! Some would say this is a Good Thing.

Re: Shutting down IE wrote in news:1136679007.346395.9680

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You have malware. Clean up your computer. It's almost impossible to
completely remove IE off a Windows computer.

Re: Shutting down IE

IE engine is integrated with Windows Explorer and as well with other
miniapp. of Win OS (stupid idea). So, it is practically impossible to
disable IE at all. The only thing you can do, is to define the default
browser for internet to another application, and to get rid (just in
apperance) of all IE icons and folders, if they make you sick when u
look at them :)

Re: Shutting down IE

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Oh yes, it is possible.

The rendering engine is in %SystemRoot%\System32\mshtml.dll - if you're
removing access to this DLL (for example, by setting the ACL), then there
is no Internet Exploder engine any more.

There is a second option: you could enforce a proxy to, for
example by using group policies. Then you could define proxy exceptions
for Windows-Update, which needs the IE engine, and is very useful.

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