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Is it possible to share a printer among Subnets as follows:

There would be a 8 port switch with a printer (with built in
ethernet), several users, a couple of 4 port switches and a wireless
access point connected
The 4 port switches would also have a several users connected.
Is it possible for all users (except for those using the wireless
access point) to have access to this printer?
If so, how to permit and also how to disallow the wireless access

Thank you very much in advance.

Re: Share Printer Among Subnets

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This conjures a picture of a lot of different ethernet switches (layer
2 devices) all on the same IP subnet.  So, all of them seeing the
printer-- no problem.

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Depends on the access point, and you'll need to learn more about your
printer as well.  Some AP's also have routing and rudimentary firewall
functionality, and can be configured with rules to disallow the
traffic flows on which your printer is listening.

If, hoever you can describe the network more in context, and why
you're afraid of the wireless users seeing the pritners, a better
solution and architecture may become more obvious.

Best Regards,
Todd H. /

Re: Share Printer Among Subnets

On Sep 23, 1:15=A0am, (Todd H.) wrote:
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It is difficult (for me) without a diagram.
The network would be in a condo with a library (which requires
wireless access) on the 2nd floor.
Four wired users on main floor
All computers are XP PRO sp2 or sp3.
They want 2 of the users on the first floor to share files but not
with any users.
One of the other users (on main floor) is the front desk (24*7). They
need to limit his/her access to the Internet (no adult sites, etc.).
This is *very* important.
They want to share a HP MFP (printer, scan, etc) among the first floor
There would be students using the access point in the library. They do
not want these students using the printer or accessing the hard drives
of the first floor computers.
All suggestions are appreciated.

Re: Share Printer Among Subnets

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The idea of a DMZ in firewall design is that it's a zone which is neither
fully inside nor fully outside.  Like the main inside network, it is
protected from the big bad internet; but unlike the main inside network,
it does not have any special access to the inside, or very little special
access to the inside.  Nevertheless, it is sufficiently controlled that you
may be able to give it relatively safe access to the inside because people
out on the internet won't be able to spoof its IP addresses, etc.

The previous poster seems to be suggesting that you use the DMZ capability of
your gateway router to provide a separate inside network which doesn't have
access to the other inside network.  This should work, except that there's
probably no ability in your router to protect the DMZ from the inside network.

Re: Share Printer Among Subnets says...
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That's why I suggested a Quality Firewall and not a cheap NAT router.

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