Serious level HDD data protection

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I am looking for some solution that would allow to protect the
contents of an ordinary HDD from prying eyes, yet would allow easy
access to a person who knows login/password (or password alone). The
way I imagine it, is that upont boot I am asked to key in a password,
that is used by POST to connect to HDD, that, pehaps has some upgrared
firmware. I am not very knowledgable in HDD firmware techs, nor POST
coding, so I don't have idea wether the protection I am describing
here is possible, and if it is, then how that could be reached. The
purpose is to make ordinary HDD not accessible simply by connecting it
to another PC and looking into its contents, yet the protection should
not involve any hardware upgrades, ie HDD chip replacement etc.
Perhaps there is some lower level protection, that is available only
on windows system - i.e. some folder with heavily encrypted files that
can be made accessible in Windows by special "virtual removable disk
driver" that would ask user password upon connection, and only then be
possible to read/write data to this virtual drive.

Thank you for any hints,


Re: Serious level HDD data protection (Pavils Jurjans) said:
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Sounds like might have the answer for your
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Re: Serious level HDD data protection

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w2k/XP has filesystem-level encryption.  I've never used it but I have
reason to believe that it is very adequate for commercial/financial
use where crypto is required.  If you've got the NSA/KGB looking at
your C drive you've other problems.

Al Dykes
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Re: Serious level HDD data protection

Pavils Jurjans schrieb:
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Utimaco's 'SafeGuard Easy' offers you full (partition-based) HD
encryption with a password prompt before the OS is booted. It is a
SW-only solution.
Check out their homepage (


Michael Schmidt
University of Siegen, Germany
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Re: Serious level HDD data protection

Full disk encryption via SafeBoot Solo ( Around $50.
virtual disk encryption via SafeBoot VDisk. Same Site.


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