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I need help in aswering these questions:

Which one of the following security tools allows administrators to easily
detect changes in configuration files?





What type of virus typically infects documents created by productivity


 Mini virus

 Macro virus

 Boot sector virus

 Polymorphic virus
Using a public key algorithm, if Alice wishes to send a private message to
Bob, what key should she use to encrypt the message?

 Bob's public key

 Negotiated secret key

 Bob's private key

 Alice's private key

 Alice's public key
What is the length of the cryptographic key used by the IDEA algorithm?

 40 bits

 56 bits

 64 bits

 128 bits

 256 bits
Which one of the following is NOT a technique for circumventing encryption

 SYN flood

 Brute force


 Known plaintext

 Man in the middle

Which one of the following devices does NOT implement some firewall


 Proxy server

 Packet filter

 Content filter

Which one of the following items is NOT an important element of a solid
network security infrastructure?

 Auditing and analysis tools

 Access control mechanisms

 Written computer security policy

 Security through obscurity

 High-level executive commitment to security

Which one of the following Internet applications does NOT benefit from data

 Personnel background checks

 Online stock trading


 Sales reporting

 Public library catalog
NAT is a service implemented by many firewalls. At what level of the OSI
model shown in the figure above does NAT operate?

When planning a threat control strategy for a network, which one of the
following is NOT an accepted design principle?

 Separation of privilege

 Implicit permission


 Complete mediation

 Least privilege

Which one of the following tools can be used to detect intruders on a



 Cisco Secure IDS




What is the first step that an organization should take when attempting to
secure itself against the insider threat?

 Develop a security policy.

 Change all user passwords.

 Install a firewall.

 Train all users on their responsibilities.

 Review access control mechanisms.
What type of malicious software places itself in the background until a
specific date or time when it activates?

 Macro virus




 Logic bomb
Which one of the following items is NOT required for a robust extranet

 Authentication mechanisms

 Virtual private network


 Dial-up Internet connection

What connection type is used to traverse the cloud in the virtual private
network diagram above?


 Leased line

 Direct dial-up


Who must digitally sign an X.509 certificate in order for it to be valid?

 Certificate recipient

 International signing authority

 Certificate issuer

 Certificate subject

 Domain registrar

What is the major barrier to the widespread use of biometric authentication

 They are too complex for the average user.

 They require too much additional authentication time.

 They are expensive to implement.

 They can be easily spoofed.

 They are extremely vulnerable to denial-of-service attacks.
What is the length of the cryptographic key applied to each block of data by
the Data Encryption Standard (DES)?

 40 bits

 56 bits

 64 bits

 128 bits

 256 bits
If, when users log on to a Web-based system, you do NOT want to use cookies,
hidden tags, or repeated username/password pairs to authenticate each
request, what else can you reliably use?

 User domain name

 URL-embedded session Ids

 Message digests

 Digital signatures

 User IP address
What is the primary purpose of the Kerberos protocol?

 Providing workstation logon authentication services

 Encrypting electronic mail sent over the Internet

 Enforcing mandatory access controls

 Granting superuser access to authorized system administrators

 Authenticating users of network services
What function does Network Address Translation perform on an outbound

 It translates IP addresses to MAC addresses.

 It translates public IP addresses to private IP addresses.

 It translates private IP addresses to public IP addresses.

 It maintains the ARP cache.

 It translates MAC addresses to IP addresses.
Which one of the following tools allows a system administrator to ensure
that file access permissions have NOT been illegitimately altered?





Which one of the following should be installed on individual hosts to
protect against word processing documents containing malicious macros?

 Virus scanner

 Protocol analyzer

 Intrusion detection system

 Port mapper

Which one of the following is NOT a common use for digital certificates?

 Protecting a system from viruses

 Confirming a Web server's authenticity

 Authenticating a user's identity

 Distributing public encryption keys

 Identifying the developer of software

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