Security Question & Suggestion: Record of Last Access & Recent Accesses

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As my post will make clear, I am hardly an expert when it comes to
computer security.

But perhaps someone can tell me if 1) what I propose here is actually
available already, or 2) if there is a good reason that what I propose
should not come into being.

Here's my suggestion:

For all sorts of computer accounts -- from your personal computer
itself to any online accounts you have (bank accounts,
accounts, remote work access accounts, etc.), I think one should have
quick access to a record of ALL recent logons to ones account.

So, for example, if one logs on to ones online bank account, one could
check and see the most recent time (prior to the present logon) that
ones account was accessed, and (if one wished) could see a list of all
recent logons to ones account.

Of course, one would hope to find no surprises here -- one would hope
to find that only oneself had logged on to ones accounts.  But if
someone has hacked in to ones account and has decided to prowl around
its inner structure before doing any obvious mischief, at least
there's a chance that one would discover this by looking at the access

And yet, I know of no accounts, online or otherwise, that offer such
access records.

Any feedback you might have on this would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance!

Brett /
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