Securew2 compromised -- anyone have more info?

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Hi all,

I saw a forum post on last week that the site (owned by Alfa &
Ariss) had been compromised. I kept a close eye on it since they are also
responsible for the software that protects a number of government sites,
but instead of giving more information about exactly what happened (like
they said they would in the announcement), the post was deleted by the
admins with no further mention of anything, very recently. A related thread
also seems to have vanished.

The posts can still be found cached in google and in some mail archives.
Does anyone know the full story? Because right now it looks like they got -
seriously- hacked and trying to hide that information from the public now.
Asking in their forum isn't possible either since they broke registration
trying to fix their site apparently, and it looks like they moderate all
posts (so it's likely it will never show up anyway).


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