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    I have a buddy (no it really is someone else) who is moving to the
Dominican Republic.  His ISP is Comcast in DE. USA. The house he has
purchased has a Verizon DSL connection of the former owner and it works
fine to connect to the internet, but which he says its cannot be
transferred to his name for some time (Residency thing, or something like

    His concern is the security of his business dealings (Bank Acts,
retirement funds, funds transfers, etc. online using this connection on the
internet. My thought is as long as he is connected to the secure servers of
his financial servers and such, he is no less secure then he is in DE. USA.
(I don't know, I'm asking)

    Secondly, he concerned about email until he has his own ISP in the DR.
Any recommendations as to "secure" email for the transition? I've
recommended contacting Comcast and ask about email forwarding or maintain
his email acct. (if possible) which he can access on the net until the
Verizon acct is established and all parties have been notified of the email

    Looking for any comments on assumptions in error, or suggestions.

Re: Secure Move

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Never mind. Searches on the internet, USENET, and contact with Comcast have
given the solution, which does not have anything to do with Comcast other
then to terminate service.
Jim Johnson

Re: Secure Move

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If he's using endpoint-to-endpoint encryption, and he's doing well with it,
then it will be secure.

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Endpoint-to-endpoint encryption like OpenPGP (say: GNUPG for example).

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