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I posted a message to 7 groups initially on April 10 detailing my
experiences with and how they scammed me. I'm not 100%
confident that this message is strictly on-topic in all of these
groups, but I'm trying my best. They were all suggested as privacy
related groups by Google Groups. I'm not trying to spam anyone. I post
relatively infrequently, so I don't think this should be a burden to

There have been some developments since my last post. I was ready to
drop this whole thing until the guys at started showing
their true colors.

First of all, they posted my personal information (or at least what
they thought was my information) on alt.privacy and alt.privacy.anon-
server. They posted what they thought was my IP address (turned out to
actually be a Tor exit node) and other information. The link to this
using Google Groups.

The point of all this is that this is an anonymity/privacy service
that has no reservations about releasing personal info about their
customers. To those who don't understand how a proxy service works, in
essence, the proxy service becomes your surrogate ISP. The sites you
visit don't know who you are but a proxy service like knows
exactly who you are and what websites you visit, etc.

They've proven they have no hesitation whatsoever in releasing this
private data. The point is, I was cautious in dealing with them, and
it paid off. If you sign up with them, you may just be putting your
livelihood (or even your life) in their hands. Don't take this
lightly. They've proven how untrustworthy and dishonest (and even
stupid) they are.

The post from the admin serves a dual purpose. It not only
shows the character of these people but it shows that I'm not just
making this stuff up. They've, in essence, verified all the details
I've posted as accurate.

This is just the first part of the story. The second part also has to
do with the character of the people at I've posted all of
the details on the TrueCrypt forums (
) and on the Wilders Security forums (
). The details are in my 2 posts dated today (April 30, 2007). I just
don't want to repost all the details here. It has to do with how the
guys at submitted my e-mail address to numerous scam/spam
sites and about the e-mails I've received due to their actions. I'm
sure they had no way of knowing this, but I can show fairly
conclusively that it was them and only them who could have submitted
my e-mail address to those sites. And the dates of those scam e-mails
correspond very well with the date I first posted on usenet (April 10,
2007). Read the forums for the details.

I will also update my website ( /
) to reflect this new information right after I finish this post. Keep
in mind that this is free web hosting, so I cannot control any
problems that may occur after visiting the site. I don't think there's
anything wrong with the site or any malware. I'm fairly technically
savvy, and I haven't experienced any problems. If you have any
reservations about it, just read the TrueCrypt and Wilders Security
forums. It's the same information (although I would like to boost
traffic to my site to help spread the word).

Thanks for reading. I hope it's clear that I'm being honest in my
posts, and I have nothing to gain by this except for spreading the
word, and helping people avoid the problems I've experienced.


Re: Scamster site, (update)

Addendum: My website has been
removed for whatever reason. I won't bother to rebuild it, but I will
still provide updates as new developments occur.

Thanks for reading. wrote:
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Re: Scamster site, (update)

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 05:36:55 -0700, yh7t78 wrote:

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Don't use a FREE webhost and I don't think anyone is really reading your
post about this.

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Re: Scamster site, (update)

Leythos wrote:
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I am, and you surely are reading it too since you reply.

I see no problem about anyone using a free webhost for a non commercial


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Re: Scamster site, (update)

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 22:42:40 +0100, macarro wrote:

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Nope, I stopped after the first rant started.

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The reason is that they can take your pages down anytime THEY want - the
comment was meant to get him on a site that HE controls so he could keep
his message online.
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Re: Scamster site, (update)

On 30 Apr 2007 05:10:34 -0700, wrote:

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